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Path To LGBTQ+ Biological Fatherhood

December 12th, 2018 | 2 min. read

By Gay Parenting Team

Read on to learn more about the path to biological fatherhood with Gay Parents to Be and RMA of Connecticut.

The Desire To Be A Dad

  • Optimize your health
  • Decide on which, or both of you will be genetic intended fathers
  • Talk with your reproductive endocrinologist at RMACT
  • Complete sperm analysis

Choose Your Fertility Clinic

The RMACT Difference

  • Patient-centric care
  • Board certified reproductive endocrinologists
  • C.A.P. & CLIA accredited, state of the art fertility laboratories
  • Outstanding success rates
  • A dedicated team of insurance & billing advocates
  • Healthcare Equality Index leader – practice focused on LGBTQ inclusivity

Choose An Egg Donor

  • Visit RMACT and meet your team
  • Cryopreserve sperm and complete genetic testingMatch with an egg donor
  • Complete an IVF cycle
  • Cryopreserve embryos

Choose A Gestational Carrier

  • Pick a surrogacy agency to help select your gestational carrier
  • The selected surrogate must pass RMACT screening
  • Complete contracts
  • Complete embryo transfer

Complete Pregnancy Journey

  • Complete all parentage documents
  • Complete second-parent adoption

Download a pdf version of the Path To Biological Fatherhood.


Gay Parenting Team

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