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IVF & Surrogacy FAQs

Surrogacy Questions for Dads To Be

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Starting the process


Are you able to use both my partner’s and my sperm?

What type of testing is necessary before treatment?

We decided to use my partner’s sperm, should I still attend doctor visits at Illume Fertility?

Is your Fertility Doctor/Reproductive Endocrinologist with whom you’re working a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and board-certified?

Finding an Egg Donor and Surrogate

Which should I find first? An egg donor, or a surrogate?

What is the difference between a surrogate and a gestational carrier?

Should I use an agency rather than search for a surrogate/gestational carrier myself?

How are surrogates screened?

Can we choose an egg donor we know personally or do we need to work through an agency?

Can we choose a surrogate we know personally? If not, how do we go about finding a surrogate?

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