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For most LGBT single people and couples, the experience of raising a family is no different from anyone else. Yet, the journery to planning and building your future family can be.

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Gay Adoption

Becoming Gay Dads Through Adoption

Nicholas and Paul met in New York by chance. Two days later – on their first “official” date – they talked about having children.

Nicholas always wanted to be a dad. As an adult, he figured

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Gay Surrogacy

Why do I Need a Fertility Clinic & Surrogacy Agency?

Many intended parents (dads and/or moms to be) starting the surrogacy process ask why they need both a fertility clinic and a surrogacy agency

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Gay Parenting

Fertility Podcast | Unpacking LGBTQ Family Building

The world of fertility has grown and changed as the needs of families has changed. And now more than ever before, there are different populations seeking fertility care. Fertility Bridge helps

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