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Fertility Costs for Moms To Be


Cost Considerations for LGBTQ Moms

As you begin to think about building your family, one of the first questions you may have is the financial aspect — how much is this going to cost, and will it be covered by insurance? At Gay Parents To Be, we understand that this can be big hurdle for many moms to be. Our team is here to help you overcome it.

Even before your initial consultation, your dedicated Insurance and Billing Advocate will reach out to you to discuss your personal coverage and do a benefits check. After that, you’ll meet with your financial advocate again to review your benefits and our financial plans. Although insurance coverage and the cost of each journey varies from patient to patient, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you get started.


I’ve just started thinking about building my family. What is the first step I should take to when it comes to financial planning for this journey?

What questions should I ask when I call my insurance company?

I know my biological family building pathway is going to involve an sperm donor — will my insurance cover this?

Are there any insurance companies that offer insurance benefits for LGBTQ individuals and couples?

Are there additional costs that I’m going to need to budget for?

What financial plans are offered through Gay Parents To Be?


What are the costs if I work with Gay Parents To Be?

The costs of your journey will depend on your insurance coverage and your personalized plan for family building, which your care team will help you assemble after a consultation and a fertility assessment.


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