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Your ultimate source for LGBTQ+ fertility and family-building information, including guides to surrogacy, IVF, IUI, affording treatment, LGBTQ+ parenting and much more.

Family Building | Gay Surrogacy

By: Emma Lott
December 3rd, 2019

Here at Gay Parents To Be we’ve helped countless LGBTQ individuals and couples become parents through IVF and surrogacy. In fact, one of my favorite parts of my job is helping prospective parents understand the process. I know that it can be complicated, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with information that you find online or hear from second-hand sources.

Family Building | Gay Parents To Be News

By: James Speer
November 27th, 2019

Here at Gay Parents To Be we know the intricacies of LGBTQ family building can be hard to understand, and we want to demystify the process for all. One resource that we offer here for LGBTQ moms- or dads-to-be is access to in house genetic counseling. Why may you need a genetic counselor? What can this person help you understand about your family building journey?

Egg Donors | Family Building

By: Emma Lott
November 5th, 2019

For many LGBTQ parents to be, an egg donor can be an integral part of their family building journey. For same sex male couples or single men starting a surrogacy pathway, they will require the help of an egg donor to conceive their child. For same-sex female couples where one or both partners is experiencing fertility struggles, using an egg donor may allow them to complete a family building journey where one or both partners are able to carry a pregnancy.

Gay Parenting | Gay Parents To Be News

By: Will Pollock
November 1st, 2019

You’ve got your spectator chair, visor and travel-cocktail ready. As your city’s Pride parade starts to roll down your town’s main street, palpable excitement and celebration are in the air.

Gay Parenting | Gay Surrogacy

By: Dr. Mark P. Leondires
October 28th, 2019

A couple of male penguins in the Berlin Zoo, Ping and Skip, have come together to have a child. In the process of adopting an egg, Ping and Skip have evolved. Where they were more outgoing and easier to approach, they have taken the job of trying to hatch an egg, as any parent would, quite seriously. This is a wonderful story, not just because it makes us feel good but because it reinforces the universal desire to have children regardless of sex, gender identity, or even species.

Family Building | Gay Parenting

By: Molly Horton Booth
October 23rd, 2019

In our last LGBTQ History Month blog, we reviewed the history of LGBTQ family building, and what’s led us to where we are now. Here’s more on where we’re at in 2019:

Gay Surrogacy

By: Nora Bolger
October 14th, 2019

In my years of working with both intended parents (IPs) and surrogates, I find myself having the same conversations repeatedly (I’m sure this kind of thing happens in your job, too). My inspiration for this blog is the desire to to create a shortcut to this knowledge. I want to help intended parents sleep at night way earlier in the process because they have one or two less things to worry about.

Gay Parenting

By: Dr. Mark P. Leondires
October 4th, 2019

Many transgender children struggle with their identity and development, while parents struggle with readily giving acceptance and support. Family support and validation of their gender identity is the most critical thing a transgender child needs to be confident and grow. Without this support, transgender children can suffer from depression and mental health problems that put their health and well-being at risk.

Gay Adoption

By: Dan Woog
September 17th, 2019

You learned in our last article in this series, The Path to Gay Adoption: Part 1, that Nicholas and Paul are in the final stages of the legal adoption process for their young son, “J”. It’s been a relatively straightforward case. As they prepare for the judge’s blessing, Nicholas reflected on the couple’s journey toward parenthood.

Gay Parenting

By: Emma Lott
September 6th, 2019

Our list of the best inclusive children’s books to read with, and to, your little ones. These books have LGBTQ characters, and can help you explore together themes like pride, gender nonconformity, and same-sex marriage – alongside reassuring constants like love, family, and fairy tales.

Family Building | Gay Surrogacy | IVF

By: Emma Lott
August 23rd, 2019

By now, you’re probably aware that the journey to parenthood via surrogacy is an expensive process. Although a growing number of companies offer LGBTQ family building benefits that include surrogacy, many dads-to-be still pay for their surrogacy journey(s) out of pocket. To help budget for your surrogacy journey, we want to make it clear what the costs are for a gay dad’s journey to fatherhood.

Gay Parenting | IVF

By: Monica Moore
August 19th, 2019

There can be many challenges that single moms or female couples face while they’re trying to conceive. On top of your day to day work and home life, additional appointments and questions about insurance may seem stressful as you try to build your family.