20 Common Questions Asked About LGBT Family Planning

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If you’re LGBT and starting out on the road to parenthood, then you’ve probably got lots of questions you’re trying to get answered. Biological or adoption? Where will I live? If I start now, how long will it take? Am I really doing this? The answer to that last question is, YES. YOU ARE! So start the journey and take it slow. These areas of concern can run deep, and they are common to all LGBT folks and all family building methods. So the real question is, how does one get enough information to move forward?

The LGBT Family Planning Process | First Steps

Center Families holds an annual LGBT Family Building Expo at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in Manhattan. Talk about information! The Expo offers 16 programs throughout the day, family building professionals providing information, LGBT parents sharing their stories, and over 20 exhibitors offering services in biological and adoptive parenting. The Center created this Expo to help get questions answered for community members for whatever path to parenthood they are on.

Attend an Expo? To become a parent? Really? Can’t I get answers by attending some adoption classes? Through consultations with doctors? By reading a book or two about becoming parents? Or, find the nearest friend who did this recently and grill them on everything they know?

These sources of information will provide insights into how to become a parent, but they are not going to provide us with insights into managing many big decisions that we, as LGBT adults living in a heterosexual world, have to think about. There are many concerns that are specific to an individual family, like coming out as an intended parent to those around us, including the unsupportive family member. Or disclosing to our employer that a child is coming soon, answering their 20 questions that they’re asking because of curiosity or judgment, and then figuring out how to ask about parental leave and other related benefits. Then there’s determining where we are going to live, which is influenced by our work, school zones, feeling safe as LGBT individuals, finances, and more. Finances! You’ll need to pay for the adoption or medical costs, and then have money to support your family.

20 Common Questions Asked By Lesbian and Gay Parents To Be

These 20 questions are worth thinking about if you’re on the road to parenthood, and they are on the minds of many LGBT intended parents:

We benefit from examining our desire for parenting, taking an emotional inventory, actively seeking out providers that understand our families, talking with parents and seeking out other LGBT headed families, and taking the time to make big decisions even though we may want to move more quickly.

So if you missed the 4th Annual LGBT Family Building Expo, you can see us at New York City all year long for a free family building consultation. We will help you gather information, provide you with referrals, and lead you into some of the big conversations that are better had at the beginning of this journey.

Everyone could benefit from doing as much research as possible about all of your options before leaping ahead to stroller shopping.

Ready To Become A Parent?

Jeff Levin

Social Worker

Jeff Levin, LMSW, is a Family Planning and Health Coordinator at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in Manhattan. His work currently focuses providing family building services for intended LGBT parents. To learn more about Center Families and family building support groups, email Jeff at centerfamilies@gaycenter.org.

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