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For most LGBT single people and couples, the experience of raising a family is no different from anyone else. Yet, the journery to planning and building your future family can be.

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Gay Surrogacy

Can I Ask My Surrogate To Follow a Special Diet?

Now that your surrogate is pregnant, she’s eating for two. But this isn’t just any unborn baby—this is your baby. Understandably, the health development of your unborn child is one of your

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Gay Adoption

Becoming Gay Dads Through Adoption - Part 2

You learned in our last article in this series, The Path to Gay Adoption: Part 1, that Nicholas and Paul are in the final stages of the legal adoption process for their young son, “J”.

It’s been

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Family Building

11 Common LGBT Family Planning Terms That You Should Know

The language of LGBTQ family planning can be a little dense and daunting. There are a lot of medical terms and acronyms, and if you don’t know all the jargon, it’s possible that you don’t know all

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