Please use our resource section as a guide to all of your family building needs. At GayParentsToBe, in partnership with Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT), we are here to answer your questions, offer support to start your journey, explain third party reproduction basics.

Any of these topics can be explained in detail by one of our GayParentsToBe Team Members, just ask us.


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If you’re LGBT and starting out on the road to parenthood, then you’ve probably got lots of questions you’re trying to get answered. Take advantage of our resource sections for gay men and lesbians to learn more about the family building process.


There are many medical words and acronyms used in the fields of fertility treatment and third party parenting that may be unfamiliar or confusing. Take a look at our glossary to read up on common terms that you and your partner may come across when undertaking a family building journey through the assistance of GayParentsToBe.


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