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Your ultimate source for LGBTQ+ fertility and family-building information, including guides to surrogacy, IVF, IUI, affording treatment, LGBTQ+ parenting and much more.

Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

Worldwide Surrogacy operates under the firm belief that every successful surrogacy journey starts with the right match. Under the leadership of Victoria Ferrara, the founder and managing partner of Ferrara Law Group, PC, their team approaches every match with the utmost integrity and highest ethical standards. They are dedicated to helping intended parents of every race, gender, and sexual orientation build their families through surrogacy.

Family Building | Gay Parenting | Gay Surrogacy

By: Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists
February 28th, 2020

The matching process is one of the most exciting points of any surrogacy journey. You’ve spent months working with your agency and getting to know each other, and when you receive your first surrogate profile, it’s an incredibly meaningful moment.

Family Building | Gay Surrogacy

By: Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists
February 21st, 2020

The surrogate matching process is incredibly intricate. Every successful surrogacy journey starts with a solid, right-fit match, so surrogacy agencies will take all the time they need to make sure they get to know both the surrogates and Intended Parents they’re working with.