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Rich Vaughn

Gay Parenting | Gay Surrogacy | Surrogacy Law

By: Rich Vaughn
July 19th, 2018

The decision to create a family via surrogacy is a deeply personal one and (understandably) often fraught with emotion. For most intended parents, setting out on the amazing journey to parenthood is one of the most loving, life-affirming and life-changing steps they’ll ever take. To add to the gravity of the decision, it is one that will involve doctors, attorneys, psychologists, insurance companies, legal contracts and court documents. Add to that complexity the fact that surrogacy and parental establishment laws vary dramatically, from state to state and from country to country. Because LGBTQ intended parents (IPs) face even more considerations and potential hurdles in ensuring their families are legally protected, it is even more important that intended parents have the counsel of an attorney experienced in surrogacy law.