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Greg Zola

Greg Zola and his husband, Mark, are dads to two sons through egg donation and surrogacy. He is a champion for LGBTQ rights and families, and has worked with organizations like Gay Parents To Be and Gays With Kids for many years.

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By: Greg Zola
June 20th, 2020

Generally speaking, LGBTQ persons who built their family via surrogacy, adoption or fostering put forth tremendous effort and expense to have their family. Yet, once that child arrives (whether that’s as a baby or an older child) one's sense of responsibility for another life really becomes palpable. When I held my son Luke in my arms for the first time, I wondered, "Am I going to be able to help him thrive?" I didn't know how to change a diaper; the ratio of water to baby formula when I needed to feed him; how much milk he should get, would he get a diaper rash on my watch; and so on. But, as every parent realizes, you figure it out.