Getting Started: Important Family Building Information For Transgender Patients

Important Considerations for Transgender Patients

The medical team at GayParentsToBe® in partnership with RMACT has worked to help many transgender men and women plan for and complete the fertility treatments they need to have a baby. We are familiar with the special medical and emotional issues that transgender patients can face when they want to build their family. We can coordinate all aspects of care to coincide appropriately with hormone therapy and any other medical treatment or procedures patients may need.  We can also help to identify legal and other services that have experience working with members of the transgender community.

For transgender individuals considering a transition, it is important to cryopreserve sperm or egg specimens prior to hormonal therapy or surgery.  For transgender females, our team can develop a plan that involves using the patient’s own sperm, or donor sperm and eggs, and a gestational carrier.  For transgender males, we can develop a treatment plan that involves use of a patient’s own eggs, or donor eggs and sperm, as well as a gestational carrier.

In each case, we take the time to develop a treatment plan that is just right for you and that will give you the very best chance of having a baby. For a more in depth look at treatment options, check out this recent blog post written by Dr. Leondires on fertility preservation for the transgender community.

For more information about our special services and support available to transgender men and women, call GayParentsToBe at (203) 956-2266.