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Choosing a Sperm Donor for Moms To Be

Finding Your Donor Match
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Sperm Donor Options

Biological parenthood for single moms to be, or couples, requires the involvement of a sperm donor — regardless of whether you’re considering an IUI, IVF, or reciprocal IVF journey.

Your options include a known sperm donor — a friend or acquaintance — or an anonymous donor. We work with several of the most reputable sperm banks in the country, and will help guide you through your options once you have selected your donor.

Whether you’re considering a known or anonymous donor, Gay Parents To Be will guide you through this decision-making process by connecting you with our licensed social workers. Speaking with a psychologist or social worker who has helped others navigate through this process can be very helpful. Some couples need to find a way make a choice, especially when they may have slightly (or even vastly) different desired traits in a donor. For others, finding a sperm donor and making that choice can be simple and straightforward.


Sperm Donor Screening Overview

Anonymous sperm donation is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Anonymous sperm donors are required to be tested for infectious disease and may also need to meet other screening criteria. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends that all sperm donors, including known donors, undergo the same initial and periodic screening and testing process used in anonymous donation.

Only a small percentage of men who want to donate sperm pass the screening process.

At many sperm banks, potential donors may undergo additional genetic screening, an examination of family history, or other evaluation.

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Sperm Donor Banks

For people using donor sperm to get pregnant, sperm banks maintain donor profiles that provide basic information such as racial origin, skin color, height, weight, eye color, and blood group. Some sperm banks also require donors to provide medical histories. Depending on whether a patient chooses an anonymous donation or an open identity, the child will have the option to contact the donor in the future.

Illume Fertility works with select sperm banks that meet meticulous screening standards and offer the diversity and range sought by moms-to-be of all backgrounds. 

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Ready to Learn More?

Are you interested in learning more about choosing donor sperm, or your options moving forward? Contact us today and let our Gay Parents To Be team assist you in finding the right sperm bank and sperm donor for you.

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