Managing The Costs Of Fertility Treatment And Family Building For Lesbians

Like many advanced medical procedures, fertility treatment can be costly. To help patients better manage costs, GayParentsToBe®, in partnership with Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT), has introduced different payment plan options that patients can consider to help manage the cost of treatment more effectively:  

The Fertility Consultation Opportunity Plan

Setting up a new patient consultation to diagnose infertility without insurance coverage can be expensive. To make sure our patients can access the high-quality reproductive care they need at the most affordable price, GayParentsToBe has developed The Fertility Consultation Opportunity Plan. Fertility Consultation Opportunity Plan

The Fertility Work-Up Opportunity Plan

For patients who do not have insurance coverage for the diagnosis of infertility, RMA of Connecticut has created The Fertility Work-Up Opportunity Plan. This Plan allows patients to pay a flat fee for diagnostic testing that will help determine their individualized treatment plan. The Fertility Work-Up Opportunity Plan

The IUI Opportunity Plan

In most cases, couples who are having trouble conceiving and achieving a successful pregnancy are treated with ovulation induction and artificial insemination. These procedures are among the most widely used and successful treatment options in reproductive medicine. With The IUI Opportunity Plan, patients at GayParentsToBe who do not have insurance coverage pay one price for up to three cycles of ovulation induction with oral medications and intrauterine insemination. The IUI Opportunity Plan

The IVF Opportunity Plan

Many couples who want to have a baby are treated with in vitro fertilization (IVF). To help make this option available to as many patients as possible, GayParentsToBe offers The IVF Opportunity Plan – a unique service and payment plan exclusively available to patients at RMACT who do not have insurance coverage for infertility treatment. The IVF Opportunity Plan

The Donor Egg Opportunity Plan

To help make the option of donor egg available and more affordable for couples who do not have insurance coverage for fertility treatments, RMA of Connecticut offers The Donor Egg Opportunity Plan. The Egg Donor Opportunity Plan