Why Success Rates Matter

Why Success Rates Matter

Ensuring that you’re working with a fertility clinic with high success rates in the handling of screening, testing, creation of your precious embryo and implantation of the embryo into your surrogate, can mean the difference between realizing your dream – or delaying the start of your family. Over 90% of fertility clinics report their outcomes to SART (the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology). For an in-depth understanding on what to look for, check out our blog on How to Use SART Data to Choose Your Fertility Clinic

Using SART Data to Choose Your Clinic

IVF Success Stories

We’re committed to helping people with one of the most important and moving transitions in their lives. We share some of their wonderful stories here.

Jeff and Ed

Jeff and Ed open up about their family building journey and what it was like to work with Dr. Leondires and the entire Gay Parents to Be team.

“We got what we felt were the best people involved to help us achieve this dream.” – Ed

This is not an advertisement. I don’t give praise where it’s not due. I have very high expectations, and they exceeded all of my expectations. Actually, Jeff has very high expectations, and they exceeded all of his expectations.” – Jeff

Peter and Luis

Peter and Luis discuss their family building journey. Learn how they bring a biologically related child into the world through surrogacy, an egg donor and with the help of Gay Parents To Be.

“To meet Dr. Leondires, [and] his staff, that opened a huge world for us. We were immediately drawn given his experience… and from there it was just exponential learning.” – Luis

Fertility Doctor & Dad
Mark Leondires, MD

Dr. Leondires founded Gay Parents To Be as a personal and professional journey, after he learned first-hand how challenging it can for gay men to have a baby.



We know that this process involves a lot of time, energy, and financial resources, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Check out a list of our most commonly asked questions.

Personal Support Along Your Journey

Personal Support Along Your Journey

To recap, your family building circle will also involve your egg donor, a surrogacy agency, a reproductive attorney, and your trusted gestational carrier.

Our team at Gay Parents To Be understands that family building for dads involves a unique set of challenges, and we strive to support you — whether this is your first step or a stop along the way. Take your next step — reach out to us at 203-956-2266, or click below to schedule a free chat with Dr. L.