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Understanding Your Insurance Benefits For Treatment

Health insurance can sometimes add to the complexities of the choices you will make when pursuing treatment. At Gay Parents To Be®, in partnership with Illume Fertility, we try to lessen that stress by working directly with you and your insurance provider to determine your level of coverage and your out-of-pocket expenses, if any. We also review with you the specific details of your insurance plan for treatment.


We encourage you to be your own best advocate by thoroughly understanding your benefits before you begin the process. Start by reviewing your specific policy requirements for covered and non-covered reproductive services and start asking questions of your insurer for clarification.

You will be asked to provide us with your insurance information. Sometimes partners carry their own insurance plans with different requirements. To help you get started, Gay Parents To Be’s financial counselors will explain different types of insurance plans, insurance tips and information about recent developments in legislation pertaining to state insurance mandates for infertility diagnosis and treatment.


Insurance For Fertility Treatments

When using an egg donor and/or a gestational carrier, we need to ask very specific questions for all participants of the cycle.  For example, we need to find out about the type of coverage an intended parent holds: is a referral is needed for a semen analysis; if they have IVF coverage, does it include coverage for an egg donor?; If not, what, if anything, will be covered?; If yes, what if anything is excluded from coverage?; Will the intended parents be covering the expenses for the carrier or will her insurance company cover a pregnancy through surrogacy?; and more.

These are important questions and complex issues to resolve.  This explains why we ask for your insurance card at each visit and for that of the carrier and/or egg donor.  It explains why all of our couples are assigned a financial services representative with third party reproduction experience who works with you to get all of these answers and to provide you with a complete understanding of your benefits, exclusions and necessary referrals.

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