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affording surrogacy webinar

October 7, 2020 | 3:00pm - 3:30pm | Webinar

How Can I Afford Surrogacy and IVF?

There's no way around it — surrogacy and IVF is expensive. But understanding the breakdown of the costs, and some ways to make your journey more affordable, can help put surrogacy and IVF within reach.

This webinar will walk you through each step of the surrogacy and IVF processes, break down their associated costs, and walk through some ideas for how to make the journey as affordable as possible. Here are some of the topics we’ll explore:
The four main variables that impact the costs of surrogacy and IVF
The costs associated with each step of the surrogacy and IVF process
Some concrete ways to make surrogacy and IVF more affordable for your budget

This webinar will be led by GWK industry partners:
Victoria T. Ferrara, Founder and Legal Director, Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists
Dr. Mark Leondires, Founder and Medical Director, RMA of Connecticut and Gay Parents To Be

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LGBTQ parents support

October 20th 2020 | 6:30pm - 7:30pm | Virtual Support Group

LGBTQ Parents To Be Gathering

A place to talk, ask questions, give, and get support for LGBTQ+ Parents To Be, wherever they are on their family-building path. Lisa Rosenthal and Lisa Schuman (also known as the Lisas, who have known each other for 2 decades) will co-facilitate, bringing the fullness of peer and professional expertise to this new group. Both Lisas have worked with Gay Parents To Be for 5 + years and have supported LGBTQ+ people in building their families for even longer than that.

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