TWO: The Story of Roman and Niro

Two | Gay Parenting Documentary

A Documentary of Gay Parenting and Love

World-renowned songwriter Desmond Child is known for songs like "Livin' On A Prayer" and "(Dude) Looks Like A Lady", but he is also known as "Dad" to his two sons Roman and Niro. Twelve years ago, Desmond and his lifelong partner Curtis Shaw began the journey to parenthood and filmed the entire process of creating their family. TWO: The Story of Roman and Niro documents everything- from the preconception, to the boys growing up with two dads and their relationship with Angela Whittaker, their surrogate.

"TWO is testament to the universal power and ultimate triumph of love – that it is love that makes a family, affirming modern families may be modern in their making, but timelessly human at their core." -TWO: The Story of Roman and Niro

We encourage you to watch this trailer- you will be inspired and moved by the love that surrounds this modern family.

Visit the documentary website to learn more about upcoming viewings near you.

Gay Parenting Team

Gay Parenting Team

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