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Gay Parenting

Two Mom Problems - Back To School

September 8th, 2016 | 1 min. read

By Gay Parenting Team

Did you ever feel like you're repeating yourself?
Over and over again?
How many different times can one repeat the same thing?
Feel like you were screaming into a dense fog?


Hysterical. Catches the frustration of trying to explain your family perfectly. Illustrates the assumptions made about having a one mommy and one daddy family, perfectly.
Allows us to have a good laugh, perfectly.
A playful look at a situation that often feels less than playful.
Because having a good laugh is the best revenge.
Even if it's at yourself!
Moms- whether you have one, two, or three, there's nothing quite like them. And if you have none? Likely there's more than enough love going around.
That's really what our families are about, isn't it?
And a good laugh.

Gay Parenting Team

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